After 11 days away from the computer I got rusty . I sat down this morning and wrote a nice long post about our great vacation and I pushed update and lost most of it somehow. And my photo is still not the right size . Getting old is rough , ha,ha.
Maybe by the end of next week I will get it right , ha,ha.
Workshop – Tomorrow I will get back to work in the shop .
Healthy Eating – Other than a visit to Fords Fish Shack we all ate the healthiest this vacation that we ever have. It seemed good to get home and actually lose weight instead of gaining 4 or 5 lbs.
Soo Locks – Still lots of problems with the ice and Canada is sending a second large ice breaker to Lake Superior this week. If this is the new normal in our weather it is not good for the shipping in the Great Lakes.
Hope you all have a great Easter Sunday and remember Jesus is the REAL Reason For The Season . (:>)

Home From Spring Break

Wash. D.C. – We returned today after 11 days of rest and relaxation. Lots of snow the day we left and today 90% of it is gone despite the fact they got a snow storm or two while we were gone and several days were in the teens .
We had such a great time and I walked on the treadmill at Nicole and Bills house everyday plus walked and ran with Nicole every morning. We had three days above 80 degrees and we slept most nights with the windows open. It seemed so good to be wearing shorts again. Terak is getting so tall and I like to wrestle with him and tease him. He loves to wrestle back and I got him pretty wound up most nights just before bedtime, ha,ha.
Every night he got to come in our bed to tell stories and shine flashlights on the ceiling and make a tent so he really looked forward to that. We found a new place to eat called Fords Fish Shack and they had the best scallops ever and the fresh Maine lobster tails were yummy breaded and fried. (:>)
All the way home Deb and I talked about all the fun we had . I even helped Bill build a workbench in his garage and helped him put the mower on his JD. One day while he was at work I waxed his tractor and it looked like brand new. So it was just a perfect getaway !!
Workshop – Next week I’ll get back to making the hitch for my doodlebug and do the first test drive.
We thank God for keeping us safe on our trip and for letting us make such nice memories with Nicole , Bill and Terak.
We even stopped at the farm today and did a little yard work . the snow is all melted on the farm but the fields are very wet still.
We all hope you all have a wonderful Easter.

8 Years Ago – One of my First Posts

L-2350 LeTourneau Model

MY WEBPAGE – It’s hard to believe looking back it has been 8 years since Nicole surprised me at Christmas time with my own web page. Little did I ¬†know, 8 years later I would still be sharing my projects and my family with people all over the world. I have moments when I want to shut it down but I do get a lot of enjoyment from all of the nice emails that I have gotten over the years from people saying they do really enjoy getting up every morning and going to my web page first thing. And that is what keeps me excited to post new pictures. It’ s hard to believe this LeTourneau photo was 8 years ago. Now I’m having so much fun with the garden tractors but I still plan to build more models in the future. I did get the LeTourneau rubbertired dozer done and I plan to finish the off-road articulating dump truck this year and I would like to build a few farm toy models this year.

SNOW IN GAYLORD – Our little bit of spring weather came to and end as we looked out and seen the white snow but the good news is we’ll probably only get about 2 more snow storms. Deb and I continue to hop on the treadmill every morning and eat healthy and we’re very glad about that. Have a great Wednesday !!