Things are greening up

April 13, 2014


With the warm weather finally getting to Michigan it seems so nice to see lots of green. Have a great Sunday !!

Morel Mushroom Season 2014

April 11, 2014



Morel Mushrooms – With the warmer weather Deb and I start to think about Morel mushrooms. Even though it seems early surprisingly they grow on the sunny knowles very early. My birthday present every year is usually two or three quarts of fresh picked mushrooms. And those are usually the only ones we get and they are so good. Next week the weather will turn cold again and we will forget about the mushrooms, but today I’m thinking about them and they sound so good. Have a great Friday !!!!



Home Made Tractor / Doodlebug Painted

April 8, 2014


Butt buggy – Todays progress picture shows the narrow front section now sanded and painted. The nose comes off pretty easy for the snowblade to be mounted for winter use.
Once I get the hitch designed and built I may remove the narrow front and just buid a cut little normal looking front bumper.
Have a great Day !!

Buttbuggy Progress Today

April 7, 2014


Doodlebug/buttbuggy – Todays picture shows me cutting out more steel and welding it in place for support . I also boxed in a light in the very front. It is almost done and then I can get to working on the articulating hitch.
Gaylord 55 DEGREES TODAY !!!! Everyone is outside today going for walks and no jackets on . We all had a rough winter but we did just fine. If this is the new normal we now know we can survive.
Dancing with the stars- Tonight comes our show we like.
Five ships on the move Finally , read below post.
Have a great Monday


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