ICE STORM FOR GAYLORD = This morning we woke up to about 3/16″ of a coating of ice on everything. With temps hovering around the freezing point, the overnight rain turned to freezing rain and it stuck like glue to everything.
TWELVE INCHES OF SNOW FOR TONIGHT- The upper penisula of Michigan is supposed to get hammered tonight with up to 12 inches of snow , but in the Gaylord area, we are only supposed to get 4 inches.
AMERICAN IDOL- My choice of Carly almost got voted off last night . She is a very good singer, but her tatoos, her husbands complete face tatoos, and her lack of smiling and looking like she is having fun has put her to the bottom three. The public is showing their disaproval with their votes.
They are looking for more innocence and bubbly people to represent The American Idol. She really does sing good though.
Day 9 of eating healthy- We are still going strong and we did get our six miles of walking yesterday . But it looks bad today for walking outside.
SILVER SPADE DAY 2 OF SANDING – Today I am doing the grinding on all the welds on the upper gantry , I have not started sanding any of the parts yet. Tomorrow I will spend the whole day grinding on the boom.
TRUCKERS PROTEST FUEL IN D.C. , CAUSE NICOLE TO BE LATE FOR WORK- Nicole and Bill were surprised this week as they headed to work together to see a mile long row of big trucks ahead of them all honking their horns. She said they are used to all the honking horns and that didn’t bother them. It was only when they got boxed in behind and around all the trucks they got a little nervous. Just their luck , the driver in front of them got a little road rage, and decided to raise the box and dump a full truckload of sand just in front of there 4×4 S.U.V. Bill being a typical man , smiled , backed up a few feet and floored it. Nicole said she thought they were on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show with their vehicle getting maximum air LOL . just foolin !! HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!