FOUR WHEEL DRIVE JOHN DEERE GARDEN TRACTOR- Here is a cool picture Byron sent me yesterday from Green Bay, Wisconsin. He said this fellow from Wisconsin converted his two wheel drive lawn tractor and kicked it up a knotch !!
Now that I don’t mow lawns anymore and I got two nice little Diesel John Deere 24hp Tractors , I may just convert one of those into one of these (:>).
ld have a nice engine, hydrostatic drive and power steering for the center steering cylinder cylinders , steering wheel , seat hood, etc. NOTE !!! Deb said for me not to put on the second seat ??, because she would not be riding tandem with me , LOL
I would have to find a second rear axle with hydrostatic drive so it would be all wheel drive and not have to worry about a center driveshaft. The eight tires and rims would be expensive, but well worth the look (:>). I wonder what size the tires and rims are?
Looks like the same fellow made a second one in the background, Very COOL I will start looking for a second rear axle and if I can find one , I think I will build one of these (:>).
FARM SHOW – ( I made My Own Tractor ) I recieved in the mail today the magazine I ordered from Farm Show Magazine . It has over 300 hand made tractors people made. So that will get me fired up even more , ha,ha.
PLOWED SNOW TODAY – I went out again this morning plowing snow for the second day in Jan. The weatherman is saying freezing rain possible tonight.
OATMEAL COOKIES- Deb made a dish of homeade oatmeal/walnut /dried cherry cookies yesterday , umm !! Good and Healthy (:>).
SHAMWOW – We watch these adds on TV that all look so wonderful. Well, I always question them and tell Deb to fire up the computer and get some feedback . Most of these items are a worse scam than the Nigerian Scams. And even if the product halfway works, they scam you on the shipping charging you up to $100.00 or more for shipping Sham-wow ???? Be careful and check the internet before you buy anything . Get others opinions and you will probably not buy them.
SNOWMOBILING IN GAYLORD – I rode the Ski-Doo three days in a row and it has been fun to be on it again. Yesterday the trails were terrible just like a washboard ! I can’t take several hours of standing up to offset the holes in the trails anymore at 50 mph. So I just enjoy it close to Gaylord these days. Lots of sleds in town today . I will go out this afternoon for a short ride.
Have a great Sat.