Heavy Haul Euclid 600 Ton Lowboy built by Northern Michigan Toy Builder Don Campbell

Hoffman Trailer – Here is a picture of the sanded and primed Consolidated Edison Vessel loaded on the 600 ton Heavy Haul Lowboy. This week i will get it painted and lettered . I am very pleased how it is making the model look much more complete.
ZERO DEGREES – Another crunchy morning in Gaylord with lots of ice. We hung out yesterday most of the day at Wal-Mart, ha,ha. Actually we were there about an hour, (:>).
March 1st and the sun is shining nice and bright in the window. I can see the smoke rolling out the garage window of the 100 year old neighbor lady. She has got to be freezing standing in her garage smoking all day in this bitter cold weather. brrr.
Wishing your life away – It’s funny how we tend to think about spring and the nice days ahead and another fun summer , but we really should not hurry our lives without appreciating today . Even though it is cold and icy and 164 inches of snow , we still need to remember that for over 1000 people today it is their last day and they do not know it yet. It’s so easy to always be thinking about next week or next month and forget about how precious today is with loved ones. I could end up living another 10 years , who knows , but I could also be enjoying my last day today . I am a very positive person and this is a good reminder for me to Enjoy TODAY !! (:>).
So if you want to get that new Corvette or new Viper or that new Speed Boat or 2 new snowmobiles or 4 new atv’s and a new airplane , etc, ha,ha, go get it, we have a bunch of great folks in D.C. that will bail us out LOL
Seriously !!, HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY WITH THE ONES YOU LOVE , and don’t forget to tell them that you love them. Seems we use a lot of four letter words these days , but we don’t use this four letter word so much ?? I do not blame God for this messed up world, instead I thank him for letting me live this long and being happy this long !! No-one can ever take away the last 37 years of a great marriage with Deb and a great daughter and son-in-law and a great mom and stepdad and family. (:>)