P&H 5700XPA Worlds Largest Two Crawler Shovel will be built in 1/12th scale this winter by Gaylord Toy Builder Don Campbell.

P&H 5700 Electric Mining Shovel – Todays picture shows the next large shovel I will build in 1/12th scale this winter. This model will be close in size to the Silver Spade . Although the Silver Spade was much larger in real life, I built it in 1/24th scale. This monster P&H 5700 is the largest two crawler electric shovel and it is a monster of a machine too. To build this machine in 1/12th scale will not be easy. There will be twice the labor and many more materials involved to build these BEAST of a Shovel. This model will stand over 7 feet tall at the top of the boom cable pulleys. This 5700 XPA will stretch over 12 feet long in my workshop when completed. The height to the top of the gantry alone will be five and a half feet tall. And the width of the revolving house will be four and a half feet wide.
It will not even begin to fit through my workshop door when completed. In fact, my current Hitachi will not fit through the shop door. So before spring I plan on cutting a new much wider door that goes into my front garage . I always planned on doing that just didn’t know when . So this will be almost in comparrison in size to the monster Silver Spade in the smaller scale. DOUBTS !! Do I have any doubts I can build it and get a very realistic looking model of it ?
No, I feel very confident I can build a very nice looking all steel, one of a kind replica of this amazing electric shovel.
The only question will be if the collector will want to make the investment or not. I could end up building it anyways because I love the worlds biggest machines made into the worlds biggest all steel models. (:>). Besides if no collectors wanted it, it could always be added to my one of a kind collection. (:>).
FIVE MILES ON THE TREADMILL – Nicole and Bill are heading back to D.C. today and we had a great week with them. We were so glad we kept in control on our eating and our daily exercising. Today was no different as I hopped on the treadmill and ran a whopping 4 miles and then walked another mile for a total of a 5 mile workout !!
Go me, I might not look buff, but I am in pretty good shape for a senior citizen (:>). Deb ran two miles this morning on the treadmill and I am so proud of her !!! She has to keep in good shape to be able to hold up all the cameras for future videos and pictures, ha,ha.
HITACHI VIDEO – Speaking of videos, if all goes as planned tomorrow Deb will be doing a video of the finished Hitachi EX-8000 Shovel. Today I will put the cab windows in, detail the cab interior, apply the decals , finish connecting all the hydraulic lines and paint all the lights.
STEAKS ON THE GRILL – Last night we cooked beef tenderloins on the grill for our last supper of vacation with Nicole and Bill . Despite the fact it was only 4 degrees outside , the steaks were delicious !! So Tender and the marbleing was perfect. yum !!
A perfect ending of a meal to another perfect Christmas Vacation .
Thanks Nicole and Bill for all the great presents !! and for keeping us focused on being healthy.
NEXT 5K RACE – If everything works out as planned I will be running my second ever 5 k race. My very first race i ran it in 28:18 so hopefully I can match that time. I was very happy with that time for a old feller. Besides I managed to beat 250 slower runners. (:>) so that felt very good for my first ever race.
Cat 797F Monster Truck- AS soon as I finish the Hitachi front shovel I will get going on the monster truck model .
Hope you all had a great Christmas with family too.
Thanks for all the nice Christian E-mails Too . I am always first to admit I am a struggling Christian , but neverless a very PROUD Struggling Christian !!! As Christians we can’t start at the top, we start at the bottom and work our way up as Captains and Generals in God’s Army. sad to say I am still just a private , but glad to be in God’s Army and glad to be in the fight (:>).
Have a Great Wed. !!!!!!!!!!!!!