Mack R Series Fire Truck and Toy Fire trucks

mackfiretruckrseries, originally uploaded by Don Campbell Models.

Toy Fire Trucks – Todays picture shows another version of the Mack R Series Truck I am now building a 1/4 scale model of. Seems about everyone had a Mack R Series with all the E-mails I am getting about them. And several of the people are still using them and say they are still great trucks even today. Deb and I went Christmas Shopping for our grandson this week for the very first time and one of the things I looked at was a very cool toy fire truck. They really make some awesome toys . Deb said no not this year he is just a baby, ha,ha. So I have to wait a while then (:>)
Mack Truck 1/4 scale progress- I been taking advantage of the still mild weather and doing fall leave cleanups . Some trees still have 50% leaves. Several hard frosts last week now we need a windy day to blow them to the neighbors. Hopefully the wind will be blowing the right direction or i get all theirs instead, ha,ha. Either way it doesn’t matter as I enjoy vacuuming leaves especially in nice weather. I have done it a few times over the years and it was lightly snowing.
Gold Rush Alaska – We watched the show last night for the second time. Seems the guy that bought the clain also got the rights to the tv show because now he is in it and the old man and young kid across the stream are now on the show. The original crew hasn’t dug a single bucket of dirt yet and don’t have a single piece of earthmoving equipment on sight . They are still wining about leaving the Glory Hole that produced a measly 1/2 cup of gold , ha,ha.
The funny thing is I complain about it but sit right there waiting for it to come on each week, LOL
Flying Alaska Show – We watched that too and it was not very interesting . Reality is reality shows can be boring, ha,ha.
Chem Trails- Blue skies turned to Chemical filled skies yesterday . I glanced out my workshop windows yesterday watching several large jets fly over all morning leaving normal contrails that lasting five or ten minutes . Then after lunch the military jets started spraying the blue skies and by suppertime the chemtrails spreadout and filled the sky making it hazy.
National Farm Toy Show – We just got a call from a friend at the National Farm Toy Show and he is in the toy auction and he wants to bid on two of my farm toys I built several years ago. He said things weren’t too busy at the show this year. He also said the weather was beautiful . The last thing he said was his crops were excellent this year and his pockets were full of money and he was having a hard time spending it all , LOL We all know farmers rearely complain about that, ha,ha,ha .
Have a great Sat.