Weather Channel to shut down , lay offs started

Weather Channel Sucks say thousands of people and the producers are feeling the negative effects.
After Al Roker took over with his million dollar paychecks , they tried to turn a show that people have gone to for many years to get current weather . It is now very hard to find the weather because of constant rerun crap being played over and over. The show went from 10 people in front of the camera now to close to 50 of them. Often times 4 or five people together giving one weather report. Several times this last year we had big storms heading our way and we could not get anything on the weather channel , not even the local on the 8′s .
Now it is coming back to haunt them as layoffs begin and viewer numbers continue to decline by the hundreds every week.
With thousands of record storms the last two years the people need more weather , not less weather. Rumor has it soon it will be the Al Roper Show and there will only be weather 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at noon , supper and 15 minutes at 11:00 pm.
I recently got on line to see if anyone else hates the New Al Roker weather channel and I am not alone.
Bye Bye Al Roker and your million dollar paychecks.
Have a great Monday !!