Why we shoot down hijacked jumbo jets


Malaysian Flight 370 – 4 weeks ago this jumbo jet took off and as far as everyone else was concerned it was hijacked. No one cared why , they only knew it was diverted in a completely different direction with no authorization and absolutley no response from the crew. This was a flying bomb heading towards the two largest buildings in that area. What to do ?
For sure you do not just let it fly for 7 more hours and hope they don’t attack you . You quickly get fighter jets in the air and try desperately to get a response from the pilots . No response leaves one choice to make and that is shoot it down so it can’t kill thousands of people . Two hits from the fighters and the plane full of fuel leaves nothing to search for.
Next you cover it up and divert the media completely away from the target sight while you clean up the small pieces.
4 weeks later you have found the black box and relocated it to a new location but it is destroyed so no-one will ever know .
The media is even staying a way from this version of what happened and it makes the most sense with a hijacked jumbo jet.
The reason it is being covered up is there is already so much political tension in that part of the world.
It is what it is , they had no choice but to shoot it down.
This is the story I believe the most on the internet .
Have a great Sunday .